Your silhouette is SILHOUETTE V

Your shoulders are well defined and your pelvis is narrow. True? You have the image of sports and professional models. The clothes fall well because your shoulders are present and you slip into tight trousers like a hand in a glove.

To add value : minimize the width of your shoulders without having to hide them. You have beautiful shoulders, you can be proud of! Also, highlight your lower body to balance your figure. You’ll look slimmer and your waist will appear slimmer.

To choose:

  • V, U and asymmetrical necklines
  • Wrap-around sweaters (defines your waist)
  • Corsets (all those which compliment your waist)
  • Sheath and trapeze dresses
  • Loose, pleated, balloon and frill skirts
  • A-lined mini skirts
  • Trousers or skirts with prints or with bright or light colors, adjusted or straight
  • Hipster Pants or skirts
  • Belt on the hips (if you do not have a belly)
  • Pockets at the hips


  • Shouldered jackets (military shoulder pads or added shoulder pads)
  • Blouses or jackets with bubbled sleeves
  • Boat necklines
  • Sweaters with horizontal stripes or wide prints
  • Bulky wool sweaters
  • Necklines wide on the shoulders
  • Camisoles with spaghetti straps
  • Straight line strapless dresses (accentuates your shoulders)
  • Straight skirts (does not give volume)
  • Oversized handbag under the arm

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