Your silhouette is SILHOUETTE A

The curve of your hips is wider than the width of your shoulders. Nature has blessed you feminine curves, you should be proud of! It may be that your size is well defined and your chest is tiny. Or, on the contrary, you are chesty. A small belly compliments all? No worries; the clothes are there to make you beautiful.

To add value : balance your figure by accentuating the upper part of your body. Directing the eyes upward, you will look slimmer. Your hips will disappear!

To choose:

  • Bucket or straight feminine skirts
  • Empire waist and trapeze dresses
  • Boat necklines
  • Wide U and V necklines
  • Straight or semi-flared pants , without folds or side pockets or details at the hips
  • Shouldered jackets, cut above or below the hip
  • Tunics worn with straight trousers
  • Shoes with Mid Heel
  • Neck collars
  • Handbags worn under the arm and not at the pelvis level


  • Very tight tops
  • Duo sweater and adjusted pants
  • Pleated and cargo pocket pants
  • Shoes with ankle straps
  • Pleated skirts and slinky dresses
  • Satin fabrics for the lower body
  • Prints (only for the top)
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Thin heels

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