Your silhouette is SILHOUETTE O

You have beautiful curves. You have a fuller figure where your belly is almost as wide as your hips. Note your many advantages: nicely rounded shoulders, very sexy chest, calves well curved … do not hide these!

To highlight : you must balance the proportions of your body by focusing on clothing advantageous to it. They are your best partners. Also, place your focus on the upper part of your body. You will look more elongated.

To choose:

  • Empire dress and halter
  • Crossed dress and corsage
  • Sleeves (3/4)
  • Straight skirts
  • Trumpet skirts
  • Trousers whose fabric is slightly stretchy
  • Jackets and blazers that fall under the hips
  • Matte fabrics
  • Monochrome outfits
  • V and U necklines
  • Large handbags


  • Straight and adjusted dresses
  • Pleated skirts (bohemian)
  • Hipsters that highlight your muffin-top
  • Pants with side pockets
  • Crossed jacket
  • Collar shirts
  • Small pea size and repetitive prints
  • Square and wide stripe prints
  • Shiny fabric (satin, silk, velvet)
  • Stretch fabrics that mold the body
  • Shiny tights, colored and patterned (lace, printed, wide nets)

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