Your silhouette is SILHOUETTE I

You have a beautiful slender silhouette. Your frame is small, your shoulders and hips are in alignment and your waist size is subtly defined. No doubt you have a small chest. You have what is called the « tomboy » silhouette. Overall, you can wear everything. But beware: unsuitable clothing can quickly do you injustice.

To add value to your figure : feminize your figure by looking for roundness. To do this, highlight either your shoulders or your chest or hips. Your waist size will slightly enhance hence balancing your silhouette.

To choose:

  • Full skirts, balloons, circular
  • Pockets at the chest and hips level
  • Boat necklines
  • Satin and shiny fabrics (giving roundness)
  • Prints and diagonal stripes
  • Bubbled and ball sleeves
  • Adjusted colored straight and feminine skirts
  • Trumpet, straight, adjusted and colored pants
  • Cardigans worn open
  • Shouldered jackets and fitted at the waist
  • Waist belts


  • Fitted cuts that highlight the lack of curves
  • Wide necklines that accentuate your angular frame
  • Flared tops wide at the collar
  • Long straight coats
  • Masculine tailored outfits
  • Classic blouses
  • Pencil skirts below the knee
  • Very light fabrics
  • The raglan
  • Palazzo pants (extremely large)

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